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Search Integrate Revenue Plug-in for WordPress Blogs

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  1. Webmaster tools provider True Interactive is pleased to announce the beta launch of its’ Search Integrate plug-in for WordPress blog sites. Operators of self-installed WordPress blogs can generate extra income from displaying sponsored search results on their own blog’s internal search results page.

    When visitors use the built-in search box on your WordPress-powered blog, they will be presented relevant sponsored results along with your normal site search results. If visitors find the sponsored keyword results ad listings interesting and click through, you (as the site owner) are paid. Your search results page will look and function similar to the results page on most search engine web sites online.

    The plug-in also provides you a much better view of what your visitors are looking for. This information can help generate ideas for new content, surfaces navigation issues, and gives you greater insight into the makeup of your audience. The Search Integrate analytics complements existing site stats like Google Analytics.

    The Search Integrate plug-in installs in seconds from your WordPress admin, pulling directly from the WordPress.org plug-in library. The Search Integrate for WordPress plug-in is a beta release and we openly welcome the WordPress blogger community to test our software and provide us with feedback on everything from setup and ease of use to revenue performance. True Interactive is committed to improving the technology and the revenue capabilities behind the Search Integrate plug-in on a continuous basis.

    True Interactive is a developer of webmaster tools to help sites and those who make them to grow financially and from greater awareness of what’s happening within their sites. We focus on the larger challenges, from content strategy/creation and community building, to exposure and monetization with integrity. Founded by three partners who have lived in and supported various webmaster communities since the 1990’s, we love what we do and aim to publish a collection of world-class tools for the modern webmaster to support and scale their businesses.

    It costs nothing to join the Search Integrate beta or use the plug-in. Visit us at SearchIntegrate.com for more information and to set up the plug-in or talk to us on Twitter @searchintegrate

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  2. Here's the link: http://www.searchintegrate.com/

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