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  1. You know how things are, you wake up one morning and you feel like you ‘ve been assigned a mission! I was lucky cause I was given two choices, first was to save the planet but I thought that this is already done. So I ‘ve chosen the second, to make a theme with lots of screws! Not an easy job but someone had to do it! That’s how Screwdriver theme begun.

    More info in Screwdriver's page...

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. This is the message received when trying to view the page:

    Well that's a BAN PAGE and that means that you are probably a BOT or a SPAMMER or someone you are trying to mess around that blog. So stay out...

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. gestroud which IP/domain was banned?
    e-mail me: deuced.net AT gmail.com

    Posted: 6 years #
  4. Actually, I recall this happening before. We corresponded about it a couple of months ago. My provider is Cablevision aka Optimum Online aka optonline.net.

    Posted: 6 years #
  5. U were right, accept my apologies (again!)
    Fixed it.

    Posted: 6 years #

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