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Rich Photo - Premium Theme Review

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  1. Rich WP have released the aptly named ‘Rich Photo‘ photo gallery wordpress theme. As you can see from the demo above this is a minimal and hassle free photo template which allows your visitors to navigate visually straight from the home page.

    This Rich Photo is obviously aimed at photographers however we feel that it maybe missing its true calling, and thats a wordpress recipe theme. Consciously or not, the theme designers seem to agree with us, using mostly food related imagery for their demo...
    'Read full review and see the demo here'

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. With all due respect, you were notified once before that Weblog Tools Collection's owner has decided that he doesn't want the site to become a venue for sponsored reviews or reviews with affiliate links.


    And so, for the second time, I am removing links in your post.

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. But its ok for people to post their premium themes here?
    I dont see the difference, I thank you for your kind words in the post you have linked, I had not seen your last two posts.
    I do feel however that you should also remove all premium themes from the site if this is the case, how can people know whether a premium theme is any good or not if no-one is allowed to review them here? We only review themes that we feel are of an excellent standard and will not review anything sub-standard no matter how much the theme is selling for, or how well it is selling. Also we advise on the best uses for a theme so people dont waste their money on a theme if its not suitable for them.
    And of course my site has affiliate links in it, just the same as weblogtoolscollection has. How stupid would we both be not to?

    Posted: 4 years #
  4. Methinks you're missing the point, mon ami.

    1. Yes, it is O.K. for people to post THEIR premium themes - designed and vended by them - here. Nevertheless, there is a marked difference between selling your own work and reselling someone else's on another person's web site. It sets a bad precedent and raises questions about bias.

    2. I think the best way for a person to determine whether a theme is good or not is to:

    A. Test the demo on the designer's web site.
    B. Read the comments to see what others have to say.
    C. Ask any questions you may have about the theme in the comments section.
    D. Click on commentors' links in the comments section and see if they are using it.
    E. Contact commentors on their web site and ask their thoughts on the theme.

    3. No one said that reviewing premium themes is prohibited on Weblog Tools Collection. However, sponsored reviews and reviews containing affiliate links to purchase themes or plugins are prohibited.

    4. You're to be commended for choosing what you consider quality themes to review and resell on your site. You have my best wishes in your venture.

    5. You're quite right; Weblog Tools Collection does have affiliate links on it; they're located on the sidebar. None of the posted reviews have affiliate links.


    How would you feel if you opened a store and someone came in and set up a booth to promote/sell their merchandise to your patrons?

    I don't mean to sound capitalistic or mercenary, but the proper course of action might be for you to purchase an advertising spot on WLTC the same way other merchants and resellers do. That decision is up to you.

    Again, you have my best wishes and regards.

    Posted: 4 years #

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