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Revenue Share for Authors Wordpress Plugin

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  1. Name: Revenue Share WordPress Plugin for Authors
    License: GPLv2
    Product demo page: NA
    Product info page (with download link): http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/revenue-share-plugin-for-authorsrsp/
    Screenshot (if available): http://s-plugins.wordpress.org/revenue-share-plugin-for-authorsrsp/assets/screenshot-1.jpg?rev=659152

    This plugin helps you to give a small reward to your guest blog writers in terms of revenue. Their own advertisements will be displayed for all their posts on your blog for 50% of the impressions. For this they just have to fill up a field in their profile section with their adsense publisher id.

    This plugin adds a field to all your blog post authors' profiles for inserting their Google adsense publisher id and creates a Settings page which will be accessible to admin of the website. The settings page include a field to fill up admin's adsense pub id as well as the position where the ad should be displayed. For now this plugin supports 2 adspots, Top of the post, Middle, and Bottom.

    1. Revenue for Both Admins and Authors
    2. Select the Ad spot from Top/Bottom/Middle
    3. No credit link on your blog
    4. The simplest settings page you have ever seen for a plugin.
    5. Supports 468x60px ads(easy customization).

    Note: Please use it wisely and never add adsense ads on websites with illegal contents or website which are not in terms with Google Adsense TOS. Also be careful about the number of ads since adsense doesn't allow websites to have more than 3 ads on any webpage.

    Read Google Adsense TOS Here: https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms

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