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Renaissance Theme by Artisan Themes

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  1. Renaissance
    License: pay-for-use

    Renaissance is a pay-for-use theme that combines professional typography with a functional layout for a uniquely familiar blog design.

    Some features include:

    • 14 places for widgets (including between the content and comments, next to the comments, four places in the two sidebars, six places in the footer and between the title and the content);
    • the ability to easily integrate your Tumblr or Flickr content into your blog with the Theme Options panel, and add your Twitter feed with the Twitter for WordPress plugin;
    • a highly functional Theme Options panel that lets you easily add sidebar ads, change the header layout, turn on/off author gravatars and more;
    • the ability to display Google Adsense on posts based on how old they are;
    • an elastic, em-based layout that scales the entire layout with the text size;
    • a highly detailed attention to typography;
    • and much more.

    Theme Demo

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