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Random Quotes Plugin Update

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  1. Original post found here.

    Here's a follow-up of what I have done to Dustin Barnes' Random Quotes plugin. I have been using it for quite some time now, as mentioned previously in an older post. It still quite works for me. The bug previously resolved was the placement of the plugin's management page, which stomps out the Export feature of WordPress. With this fixed, I can finally use the said feature again. However, when I recently updated my WordPress install, I ran into another annoying yet un-critical bug that needed to be resolved.

    The bug is not really a bug, but the installation requirements of the plugin. The plugin has two files, one of which resides in the plugins folder, and the other in the wp-admin folder. When I updated WordPress to the latest version, I forgot that I had a file in wp-admin that is needed by the Random Quotes plugin. Needless to say, it was a boo-boo on my part for not remembering, this being my nth time of updating WordPress with the plugin.

    Anyway, I decided to fix this and transfer the plugin's file in the wp-admin folder to the plugins folder. A few tweaks here and there and I was able to make it work. I would have suggested this to the plugin author by leaving a comment in his site, but I noticed that his latest post was last July of 2006. I'm putting this out in the open just in case people want to be rid of this little annoyance. I'm gearing up for WordPress 2.5, can't you tell?

    Get the plugin here.
    Unzip the files.
    Upload the files directly to the plugin directory (do not put them in their own folder).
    Activate the plugin.

    Do not put the files in their own directory as it will have "issues." Messy, I know. Maybe if I had more free time to play with this, I'd release a cleaner version.

    Just a note of disclaimer: I haven't tested this on a new install of the plugin, so I suggest you backup everything first before using this plugin.

    Happy Hunting!

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