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  1. xScape is advanced WordPress Theme Framework that has many different features built in minimizing need for plugins. Framework is using complex loading procedure to load only elements needed and with that uses less memory and other PHP resources.

    Framework comes with many different widgets built in including main components like layout designer, menu designer, support for extend modules and wide range of settings. Images upload and download is implemented with very fast and reliable resizing and caching of smaller images.

    Framework implements highly advanced control panel system that spans over several panel to cover wide range of options. You can check screenshots page for more previews of control panel, or features page with overview of all framework features.

    Other side of framework is wide range of functionalities built in for SEO, navigation, widgets, layout control, jQuery powered effects and much moreā€¦

    To test the framework and themes built on it sign up for free demo blog: http://xscape.info/
    More info on the framework and themes using it: http://www.dev4press.com/themes/xscape/

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