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Plugin Reborn: GD Pages Navigator 5.0

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  1. Some 3 and a half years ago I have released my first widget-plugin for WordPress called GD Pages Navigator with advanced way to display pages hierarchy. Plugin reached 3.8.1 version year after that and stopped there. But, because of the popular demand, now it is reborn.

    Over the past two years, I got many requests to continue working on the plugin, but I never really got to it. Until now. New widget is 100% rewrite, and has nothing in common with old one, except for the basic functionality.

    New widget supports custom post types and will allow choice of any hierarchical post type you might have registered beside pages. This first version is simpler than old plugin, but it works fine for 3 different display method it has now. You can see widget interface settings on the image on the right.

    First, select post type and than display method. There are 3 of those. Full will display normal, full pages hierarchy. Custom Parent method needs you to set the parent page, and all pages belonging to selected page will be displayed. Navigator is third method that dynamically selects pages to show based on current page. It will display all pages belonging to current page. You have option to add level up page also.

    Other standard settings are for sorting, hierarchy and hierarchy depth. Also, you can choose to have widget title based on currently active page. As with all plugins based on my Widget base class, you can control who will be able to see the widget: everyone, logged in users or visitors.

    Plugin can be used with bbPress 2.0 plugin for better forums navigation, since you can use Forums post type with this widget. If you use xScape Theme Framework based theme, you don’t need to use this widget, exactly the same one called Pages Navigator (yeah, original), with same options is already included in the framework.

    As before, this plugin/widget is free. You can download plugin from Dev4Press or from WordPress.org. You have links bellow. If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, you can use comments or the forum.
    Plugin Links:

    GD Pages Navigator Home Page
    GD Pages Navigator on WordPress.org


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