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  1. Please post your Wordpress news using this new forum for it to show up on the front page of weblogtoolscollection.com.

    Posted: 8 years #
  2. Just thought you might be interested in a new Wordpress Theme Contest be run at

    New Wordpress Themes

    I would love to see some of your designs.

    You can also sell older designs on our site. I think designers deserve to be paid.

    I will be hosting all designs and payment options.


    Posted: 8 years #
  3. The idea of paying $10 for entering the contest doesnt seem to me the right approach. I am sure many designer won't be interested in paying for entering contest plus getting those 555 web site templates you talk about.

    But this is just my opinion. Nothing against you as such. Goodluck.

    Kaushal Sheth

    Posted: 8 years #

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