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Place to stay if you come in SA

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  1. Reading the news about the ongoing WordCamp in San Francisco I was thinking: "Long drive or flight, strange place and strange hotel."
    How nice it would be if someone meet you there and take you not to the hotel but home.

    I doubt that soon we will have WordCamp in Johannesburg/South Africa, but if you travel that way (no matter who you are), you are welcome to spend a week at my place for free (we don't rent rooms).
    It is a six room farm house very close (15 min) to the busy Johannesburg centers and and it is only me, my wife, a wolf a cat and a parrot who live in it.

    I'm sure you'll find a way to contact me.

    To all WordCamp participants: "Do not forget that you are there for us ;) "

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