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  1. photoScape is photo theme with very unique visual style, several additional layout blocks and 8 color styles, each in two variations. Design can be controled with control panel and many style related settings.

    Second xScape based WordPress theme is photoScape. It has clean and simple block design and is based on only 4 colors. It has 12 default styles built in, each one using only 4 colors and some of them with background images, some without. First idea for usage of the theme is for photography based website and that’s why default thumbnails displayed are larger than it’s usual, making them dominant on the page.

    As usual, theme has a BluePrint CSS behind it’s layout and is fully valid with both CSS 2.1 and XHTML 1.0. During the development of this theme, new module for xScape has been made for adding Google Maps into posts, and it’s also now standard element of the framework. To see what else is built in, check out links on the left for theme specific features, and also full framework features.

    In single post mode, all meta data is moved into the vertical area on the left, leaving the main space reserved for post and images in it.

    If you already have posts with images inserted into them, you can set theme to use first image found in the post as a source for thumbnail. If you starting from scratch, you can use theme post meta control to upload new image to be used as thumbnail. And, you can mark on the Google Map where the image is shot, and leave a note on it as a reminder or info for your blog visitors.

    But, one of the main features this theme has is design builder, allowing you to change all 4 colors and even background image so that you can create your own color style that will best fit what you need blog to looks like. Designer will allow you to use existing images from default styles or upload your own, or even no image in background at all. Without background image, theme is loading very, very fast.


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