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PayPerPost Unleashes Blogosphere Pandemic

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    “Review My Post” Affiliate Program Makes Trackbacks Pay, for all Bloggers.

    ORLANDO, FL – February 28, 2007 – PayPerPost, the leading marketplace connecting marketers with bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and social networks, has launched the world’s first viral affiliate program that compensates referred and referring bloggers, while driving marketing, feedback and “link love” for affiliates. The “Review My Post” affiliate program is open to all bloggers, not just existing members of PayPerPost (“Posties”), and functions via a “Get Paid to Review My Post” button in affiliate blog post templates. When non-Postie readers see the button on any post, sponsored or not, that interests them, click on the “Review My Post” button to sign up, and blog about that post; they get paid $7.50 and the affiliate gets paid $7.50 for signing up a new PayPerPost member. More important than the affiliate payment, the program rewards interactive audiences and prompts marketing, feedback and trackbacks for the affiliate; resulting in a powerful win-win for all.
    “This program is our way of saying thanks to the blogging masses for all of the support we’ve received by Posties and non-Posties alike – and that support continues to grow. Every blog in the world, even those who’ve been unsure or critical of sponsored content, can benefit from a ‘Review My Post’ button on the bottom of their posts,” said Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. “Audiences find posts every day to blog about, but now that feedback offers some concrete payback. Like sponsored blogging, this program provides another opportunity for bloggers to do something they already do – blog about each other – and get compensated for their efforts.”
    PayPerPost’s original badge-based affiliate program remains active, but with this announcement, all affiliate programs are now available to everyone, not just Posties. Many bloggers use affiliate programs as their primary monetization strategy and with today’s announcement, PayPerPost provides a unique viral element to those efforts. Signing up as an affiliate, blogger or advertiser can be done at https://payperpost.com/signup.
    “Although I’m excited for the bloggers signing up for this program, I’m already a little nervous about what we’ve unleashed,” Murphy stated. “If the viral growth continues to multiply as it has, it could be the Achilles heel PayPerPost detractors have been looking for to put us out of business. Bloggers see this as a no-brainer for marketing every post they write and are adopting the program much faster than we anticipated."

    About PayPerPost:
    PayPerPost is the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising. The PayPerPost platform connects advertisers and Consumer Content Creators to deliver compelling marketing messages. The marketplace is fueled by the self expression of bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and participants in social networks. PayPerPost is easier to use than paid-search or display advertising and provides more powerful features. The company is venture funded by Inflexion Partners, Village Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Advertisers, Consumer Content Creators and partners are encouraged to join the revolution at www.PayPerPost.com.

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