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  1. WPtap.com, a pioneer developer in mobile plugin/themes development for WordPress now joins hands with Press75.com, a premium theme developer for WordPress, to bring mobile themes that couple with Press75’s regular theme.

    WPtap released a mobile video plugin/theme that is specially designed for Press75’s On Demand video theme. This mobile plugin, namely On Demand Mobile, can instantly turn WordPress sites with On Demand PC theme installed into a mobile application experience when viewed from iPhone or Androids.

    With WPtap’s On Demand Mobile, a mobile video site can be set up in 5 minutes. Simply install/activate the plugin, configure the setting, and your mobile site is on!

    With a variety of mobile themes catered to the needs of different WordPress user groups, WPtap has been widely used by thousands of WordPress users world-wide. For more information on WPtap mobile plugin/themes for WordPress, please visit www.wptap.com

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  2. Moved to the Premium themes section.

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