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Official Tweet Button: Twitter Goodies v6.0.5

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  1. Twitter Goodies Wordpress Plugin has been upgraded to v6.0.5 with Tweet Button.

    * FOUR main services in ONE plugin:
    1) Twitter-WordPress Integration
    2) Tweet Button Integration
    3) Twitter Goodies - Profile Widget
    4) Twitter Goodies - Search Widget

    Download: http://arpitshah.com/plugins/twitter-goodies/

    ChangeLog for 6.0.5:
    1) Major Upgrade
    2) NEW: Official Twitter's Tweet Button Option added
    3) Options to display Button on Page, Front Page, RSS Feed
    4) Options to display Button before content, after content, manual
    5) Button Style Option => Vertical, Horizontal, No Count
    6) Float Left/Right Option
    7) More configuration options related to official Tweet Button

    Posted: 4 years #

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