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Now WordPress site can store all its content in Amazon S3.

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  1. Hello,

    OblakSoft is pleased to enable the possibility of running WordPress websites on Amazon S3. With the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL (ClouSE) and WP2Cloud WordPress plugin, WordPress can store all its data in Amazon S3 – site content and media files. Amazon S3 has been able to power only static websites; now S3 can power sophisticated dynamic web software such as WordPress.

    Using Amazon S3 to store WordPress data has the following benefits:

    - No database backup and recovery is needed, now that Amazon S3 holds both for the website content stored in WordPress database and website’s media files.
    - Pictures and other media files are served by Amazon S3 directly
    - Storage cost scales with usage, no upfront reservation is needed
    - Storage consumption scales up and down with the amount of data stored
    - Storage is extremely reliable and durable by Amazon S3 design

    For more information please see http://www.oblaksoft.com/wordpress-on-s3-newsletter-may-2012/.

    A ready-to-run Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with fully configured WordPress that can run on Amazon S3 is available for free from http://www.oblaksoft.com/downloads.

    Artem Livshits
    Founder CEO, OblakSoft | http://www.oblaksoft.com/

    WP2Cloud is available under GPLv2 License

    Posted: 2 years #

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