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  1. newsScape is the xScape based theme that is made for news or general blog websites. But, due to amount of features you can set, this theme can be made to be used for many different things.

    newsScape is released with 12 base color styles. One color is changed with each style, and that one color can be set through control panel to generate new style. Theme also can utilize font settings for the theme including font family and font sizes. For front page you can use 2 different layouts: news and standard (archive like). For single post and page layouts there are also 2 layouts available, one of them showing the meta block on the left side of the post and that can be useful if you have many things to show there.

    Featured slider can get posts from 4 preset categories or 4 latest posts front any category. This slider can be part of the content (default), or can be full width on top of the page above content and sidebar(s).

    Front page news layout allows you to set up to 9 boxes each one for a category showing latest post and number of other posts. And as with all other elements, you can use post exclusion so that posts already displayed are not repeating on the page.

    Theme will work as well with 2 sidebars in any layout you can set from layout manager, and you can also enable widgets in the footer. Number of available blocks makes this theme very versatile and easy to adapt to many different uses.


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