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New WP Plugin: WARP (Wordpress Admin Reminder Plugin)

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  1. I have just finished my first Wordpress plugin, WARP, which stands for Wordpress Admin Reminder Plugin. This plugin adds a reminder tip (in large red letters) in the top right corner of your WordPress admin pages. The text is a link to the appropriate page in the wp-admin area. Reminders include:
    -Making a backup of your database (every Friday)
    -Checking your spam for false positives (every Wednesday)
    -Other tasks that are easy to forget (every third Monday)

    Hopefully this will help you keep your Wordpress blog in good working order. Complete information about WARP is on the WARP plugin page at http://www.planetmike.com/journal/plugins/warp/ .

    This is my first plugin, so please email me if you find any problems or issues, or have suggestions for improvements.

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