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New WP Plugin: Deko Boko - a reCAPTCHA contact form

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  1. Deko Boko is a simple but highly extensible contact form, integrating reCAPTCHA for handling spam. There are a number of good contact forms for WordPress, so why create another one? There are two things that make Deko Boko different from the others:

    1. It uses reCAPTCHA for blocking spam. reCAPTCHA is a great project that uses data from its captcha form submissions to help digitize books.

    2. The Deko Boko contact form can be extended any way you want, but without the need for complicated admin menus. If you're comfortable editing HTML, then you can add any number and any type of input fields to the contact form. You can control which fields are optional or required. When the form is submitted, any fields that you added will have their data included in the body of the email.

    Go to the Deko Boko page for more information and to download it.

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