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New WordPress plugin: GigPress

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  1. GigPress is a WordPress plugin built specifically for touring bands. As a website developer who was often building websites for independent bands -- and always using WordPress as CMS of choice -- I was constantly frustrated by the lack of a simple, viable method of incorporating live shows and tours into these websites. So I figured I'd brush up on some PHP and build my own.


    GigPress incorporates all the common requests you might have for a plugin of its ilk, including:

    • Ability to list both upcoming shows and past shows, chronologically rolled-over as tour dates pass
    • Grouping of shows into nameable tours
    • hCalendar-rigged
    • Auto-linking to Google Maps for venues with a street address
    • Fields for venue and ticket-buy URLs, age restrictions, ticket price, and notes
    • Built-in functions to display upcoming shows, past shows, and a sidebar listing
    • Widget support
    • Outputs XHTML-compliant, semantic markup

    Download it and read up at the GigPress website

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