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[New Theme] Froggy2010

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  1. Froggy2010 is a really simple greenish WordPress Theme with one Sidebar and Widget Support. There is an Option Page to populate the Footer. The Theme is GPL license and supports localisation. Many languages are allready included.

    You can download the Theme here


    Posted: 4 years #
  2. I'm really enjoying your choice of colour palettes. I've written simple themes for my own use and while functional, they are hardly pretty. I don't have the designer eye.

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. Thanks a lot Len. I am in design for a very long time. It´s just a lot of training :-)

    I can do it also the simple way


    For this i made an simple frame with Artisteer, than i place some widget spaces by hand. Even one space in the mid of the center row (Tipp). Just this and the SidePosts Plugin and you have an Magazine Theme.

    Maybe i should publish one like this? What do you think?

    Posted: 4 years #

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