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[New Theme] Free WordPress 3.0 CMS theme: Twist of Ten

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  1. Theme Home Page: http://www.presscoders.com/themes/twist-of-ten-theme/
    Live Demo: http://www.presscoders.com/themes/twist-of-ten/
    Download: http://www.presscoders.com/downloads/themes/twist-of-ten1.0.zip
    Theme License: GPL

    PressCoders.com is pleased to announce the release of 'Twist of Ten' a fully compliant WordPress 3.0 theme. It supports all of the new features such as custom headers, custom background, custom menus etc. all of which are fully configurable in the admin control panel. The theme includes 8 brand new headers you can use in your theme, or you can upload your own!

    Twist of Ten focuses more on page based navigation to create a simple clean CMS type website. It features two menus: a primary menu for the main drop down pages, and a secondary menu located at the top right of the each page. Both menus can be fully configured in the WordPress admin control panel.

    You can choose whether to include a blog page on your site or not, it's completely your choice. To include a blog just set up a new page called 'Blog' or similar, and set the page template to 'Blog' and that’s it - you now have a blog page! If you don't specify a blog page your site will just show page based content via the drop down main menu and top right menu.

    The front page shows a custom page to showcase any items you wish. At the top is a page excerpt and associated featured image, in the middle is a welcome message, and at the bottom the latest three posts are shown. Every time the home page is loaded or refreshed a random page excerpt and associated featured image is displayed. You can choose to show all child pages under a specific parent, or if no parent is defined then a random page (from all pages) is shown. If no featured image is associated with a page then a default image (default.jpg) is shown instead as a place holder. Also, the background of the latest three posts at the bottom of the home page is rotated every time the page is loaded/refreshed.

    For all pages and posts (if you choose to show a blog) there is a unique sidebar for each type. The page sidebar shows adverts or anything else you wish, whilst the blog sidebar shows categories and posts related to your blog. Also, there is also an ad-spot in the header area that can be used to display banners or adverts etc.

    Summary of theme features:

    • Refresh home page to rotate featured page
    • Refresh home page to rotate latest post background color
    • 8 brand new header designs
    • Customise the site background via admin cp
    • Custom home page
    • 2 unique sidebars (one for pages, one for posts)
    • Banner/advert support in header, and page sidebar
    • Search box shown on all pages in main menu bar
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