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[new plugin] ytlink - makes a customizeable preview-pic out of youtube video-ID

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  1. ytlink is a plugin which generates a preview-pic out of a shortcode with only the video-id from youtube.


    if you have installed fancybox for wordpress or prettyPhoto, it opens the video in it. You choose which you want in admin-section, or it opens in a new browser-tab.

    You can change the look of the preview-pic. with or without "filmstripes" vertically or hoizontally, the size of the previewpic and the resulting video-box.

    You make your configurations for fancybox or prettyphoto inside this plugin - only for this plugin. There are defaults inside. You don't need to make any settings in fancybox or prettyphoto!

    If you have more than one video on a page, each video has it's own settings.

    Product- and Downloadpage is

    Here you can find also screenshots.

    The Licence is GPLv2 or later
    Language: german



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