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New plugin: WordPress to Cloud (WP2Cloud)

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  1. Now WordPress (or any dynamic Website, for that matter) can seamlessly get all the benefits of cloud storage - high availability, high reliability, quick and easy disaster recovery, and serving content in a highly scalable fashion.

    WP2Cloud plugin is designed to complete the migration of a WordPress site to Amazon S3.

    With Cloud Storage Engine (ClouSE) you have the following primary deployment choices:

    1. Take the whole website data to Amazon S3
    2. Only migrate website content to Amazon S3 while store media files in uploads folder on Web server running WordPress.
    3. Only upload media files to Amazon S3.

    As the best deployment practice we recommend moving to the cloud the whole website, both its content (that is stored in WordPress database) and media files.
    Consider using ready-to-run WordPress on S3 - <a
    title="Yet Another Picture Sharing Site">Oblaksoft Yapixx, the 1st WordPress website on Amazon S3 as a starting point and a reference of such configuration.

    WP2Cloud stores media files such as pictures, music, videos, documents in the cloud. Media files that are uploaded to the WordPress are actually uploaded to the cloud storage, not to the local file system of the Web server hosting this website.
    The media files are served from the cloud, the website pages now refer to the media files via direct cloud storage URLs. This makes your site directly powered by the enormous scale and reliability of Amazon S3.

    WP2Cloud plugin kills two birds with one stone:

    1. files are stored reliably in the cloud and don't need to be backed up, and
    2. site now can leverage the cloud power to scale out content delivery to the browser directly from the cloud storage. The file content is served by the cloud storage utility provider which takes load off the Web server. This is different from the default WordPress behavior where media files are local files, thus they are served by the Web server and consume network bandwidth, disk I/O and CPU power of the Web server.

    Currently the plugin works only with Amazon S3-compatible storage, other storage providers may be added in the near

    WP2Cloud is available under GPLv2 License and can be downloaded from WordPress plugins page.

    Artem Livshits
    Founder CEO, OblakSoft | http://www.oblaksoft.com/

    Posted: 2 years #

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