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[New Plugin] WordPress Help Desk

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  1. socialmix

    Offer a help desk to your customers with the WordPress
    Help Desk

    The WordPress Help Desk Plugin is a full featured premium WordPress plugin that allows WordPress blog and site owners to offer a help desk to their customers. The WordPress Help Desk Plugin is the perfect solution to offer a feature packed help desk to your customers. Check out some of the features of the WordPress Help Desk Plugin:

    * Unlimited Accounts For Staff

    * Unlimited Categories

    * Unlimited Canned Responses

    * Multiple File Attachments

    * Multiple Ticket Search Options Including Keyword Search

    * Advanced Ticket Filtering Options

    * Staff & Customer Email Notifications Of Tickets & Replies

    * Automatically Close Tickets After Certain Amount Of Days

    * Control How Many Tickets To Display Per Page

    * Option To Reopen Tickets Or Not

    * Completely Customizable Email Notification Templates

    * Works With Your Existing WordPress Blog/Site Subscribers

    Visit the site for more information.

    Moderator's Note: As stated above, this is a premium, not free, plugin.

    Posted: 5 years #
  2. This plugin looks awesome and I'm sure there is a need for it but it is not compliant with the GPL and therefor, it will not be featured on the WLTC plugin release post. I hope you reconsider the licensing of this plugin.

    Posted: 5 years #

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