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New Plugin: WordPress Dictionary Plugin

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  1. The WordPress Dictionary Plugin is a new plugin that allows you to create a dictionary, glossary, or other reference type data on your existing website.

    It is licensed as proprietary software.

    You can check out the demo at http://dictionary.annedorko.com/

    You can learn more about all of the features at http://annedorko.com/wp-dictionary

    Some major features:

    - Custom Post Type which means it will work with any theme that uses WordPress conventions
    - Related Entries for connecting different Entries to each other
    - Shortcodes & widgets for displaying the Entries all throughout your site
    - Lots of in-line documentation in the "Help" tabs of your WordPress admin so that you don't have to leave the page to look up how to use something
    - Sections and Types for organizing your Dictionary
    - Customizable displays so you can even use it with other languages
    - Automatic upgrades even though it is a 3rd party hosted plugin

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