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[New Plugin] Widget Logic Visual

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  1. Widget Logic Visual is now available in the official WordPress plugin repository (GPL license):

    The original widget logic plugin allowed you to restrict what pages or sections of your WP website widgets were displayed on (as opposed to sitewide by default). You had to add conditional tag template code in an input box at the bottom of a widget to do this.

    Widget Logic Visual allows you to restrict your widgets to any page or section of your website "visually". Just add the limitations you want for specific pages, posts, author pages, tags, categories. You can add specific pages only, or "all posts", "all tags", or just about any combination you can think of. You can even add exception rules like, all pages "except the homepage".

    This plugin can be used by WP users of any experience level - with no understanding of conditional tags or template coding at all. Just point and click "and it works". Now you can easily make your widgets appear (or not appear) on virtually any page(s) within your WP website.

    Learn more, view screenshots, and watch a short tutorial video at the official Widget Logic Visual page:

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