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[New Plugin] SPD Shortcode Slider Plugin

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  1. plugin Name: SPD Shortcode Slider
    License: GPL2
    Demo: http://sheepdogpd.com/spd-shortcode-slider-demo/
    plugin pg: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/spd-shortcode-slider/

    screenshot: http://s.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/spd-shortcode-slider/screenshot-1.png?r=539075

    Jquery Featured Content Slider controlled completely by shortcodes for easy template integration (Uses featured images and has 5 default layouts).

    Slider uses featured image for slides and thumbs. Multiple instances supported (although not on same page). Since content, slider layouts, image sizes and animations are controlled by attributes with multiple possible values you can create unlimited unique configurations with every instance.

    Specify layouts (plain, thumbnail-top, thumbnail-bottom, numbers-top, numbers-bottom and buttons) along with slide content by custom taxonomy term, post type, category id, tag id, or just their post and page ids. You can also define the amount of slides, order, effect, speed between transitions, speed of transition and whether the slide title, slide excerpt, thumb title, or navigation arrows are visible by their corresponding shortcodes.

    Supports custom taxonomy terms, Post AND Page excerpts and has 5 default layout choices.

    Posted: 2 years #

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