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[New Plugin] Simple Sitemap

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  1. This plugin provides an easy way to display a HTML sitemap of posts and pages on your site. This gives your visitors an efficient way to view all of your available content (posts/pages) in one place. It is also good for SEO purposes and makes it easier for spiders to index your content. The sitemap generates two ordered lists, one for posts, and one for pages. Each list can be sorted individually via a drop down list of options.

    Available sorting options are:

    * Title
    * Author
    * Date
    * Post/Page ID
    * Date modified
    * Post/Page Order

    To display the shortcode on a page, or post (though I recommended you add it to a page) just add the shortcode [simple-sitemap] and you will now have a sitemap enabled on your website.

    WordPress.org Plugin page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-sitemap/
    PressCoders.com Plugin page: http://www.presscoders.com/plugins/simple-sitemap/

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