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[New Plugin] Script Manager from Custom Computer Tools

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  1. Name: Script Manager plugin for WordPress

    License: This plugin is for sale. One license per site.

    Tutorials: We have some tutorials with more coming in the future at the Tutorials page.

    Demos: We are working on a demo page that will be up in a week or two. It will be at the demos page.

    Product info page: The product info page is at the Script Manager product page. Script Manager plugin provides easy inserting of PHP, HTML, SQL, CSS, and Less scripts into any page/post types using a shortcode, you can embed code for viewing with a shortcode as well, and a widget is also provide to run any of your scripts in a sidebar. You can also hook any WordPress or other plugin's Actions and Filters. It is powerful enough to write full plugins inside of it. Future plans to add additional languages (pearl, ruby, node, ...). We provide a BBPress support community for Script Manager as well. It is also a great tool for learning to program WordPress.

    Screen Shot: Many screen shots are provided in the documentation page at the documentation page.

    FAQ: We have a FAQ sheet as well using HTML5 details tags. You can view it at the FAQ page.

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