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New Plugin: Role Scoper

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  1. Role Scoper is a comprehensive drop-in replacement for capability enforcement and administration in Wordpress. Assign reading, editing or administration roles to users or groups on a page-specific, category-specific or other content-specific basis.

    Existing Wordpress roles are honored by default, but with Role Scoper can be:

    • supplemented with content-specific role assignment
    • disregarded if a section (category) or object (page/post) is marked exclusive

    Scoped role requirements and assignments are reflected in every aspect of the Wordpress interface, from front end content and navigation to administrative post and comment totals. Content administrators control who can view/edit/administer specified content, and what content anonymous users see.

    Section and object roles can be set to propagate to child sections/objects. User groups can be created and assigned roles. Choose whether unqualified front-end content is hidden or replaced with a customizable teaser. The object role assignment UI indicates where users have a role implicitly applied through another blog, section or object role assignment. Other plugin and core developers will be interested in the underlying users_who_can function, made possible by a new roles storage schema.

    The abstract data model and API support additional data sources, object types, capabilities and taxonomies (using term_taxonomy or other custom schema). If your plugin uses the Wordpress current_user_can function and supports filtering of its listing query, you can use Role Scoper’s API to define your data source, object types, sections and scopeable roles. These will supplement any other assigned roles; there is no need to merge all capabilities into one all-inclusive role.

    Role Scoper is currently a public beta release.

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