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New Plugin: QF-GetThumb 1.0

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  1. http://la-passeggiata.com/?p=1&lang=en

    This plug-in analyzes a certain image tag in an content and has a function to make only one point a reference former image thumbnail and cache file of those.
    I was aimed for the index generation of the list of contents and the theme customization of mobile contents, and I developed this plug in.

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  2. Google translations leave much to be desired. :-)

    If I'm reading the developer's page correctly, you can use this plugin to place thumbnail images on your site using a php function call. Great for adding thumbnails to your site's archive.php and search.php pages if you're using the_excerpt on those pages.

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  3. I wish to express our gratitude for your advice.

    I am not so good at English.
    I might not understand your advice accurately.
    In addition, I begin to use Wordpress, and only the level has passed during
    half a year.
    There might be a problem in the usage of my Wordpress.
    Sorry, I might not understand your advice accurately.

    The thumbnail can be to be displayed by using the_excerpt and the custom
    In the method however, an actual width and height of the image is the state
    as it is. can specify width and height of the image with the html image tag.
    Moreover, time when the thumbnail is made from the manual is caused for one
    QF-GetThumb can automatically make all thumbnails.
    In addition, it is possible the specification of a separate size of each

    At present, it corresponds only to the image in the article.
    However, if the extraction can be applied to the image of the_excerpt and
    the custom field in the future, it might be very convenient.
    I wish to express our gratitude for the thing that your opinion is useful
    for the development in the future to the development in the future.

    Posted: 5 years #

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