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[New Plugin] Q2W3 Post Order

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  1. Name: Q2W3 Post Order
    License: GPL
    Product info page: http://www.q2w3.ru/q2w3-post-order-wordpress-plugin/
    Screenshots : http://www.q2w3.ru/q2w3-post-order-wordpress-plugin/

    This plugin is a descendant of a well known AStickyPostOrderER plugin. Because it was not updated for a long time I decided to make an upgrade.

    The main changes are:

    • Plugin was completely rewritten
    • Now you can change order of posts for custom taxonomy and custom post type archive pages
    • Removed Meta-Stickiness options - the plugin became lighter, faster and easier to use
    • Added support for internationalization
    • Advanced uninstall
    • Plugin settings page was moved from Tools to Settings section

    Supported languages: English

    Posted: 2 years #

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