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[New Plugin]: Q2W3 Inc Manager

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  1. This plugin was made to easily add html, css ,javascript and PHP code to public WordPress pages.

    WordPress pages, posts pages, categories pages and tag pages can be selected one by one. Also there are several special page selectors: Al, Front page, WP pages, Posts pages, Date pages, Category pages, Tag pages, Author pages, Attachment pages, Paged pages, Search page, Preview page, Page 404.

    Exclude filter allows you to select pages where your code cannot be shown.

    Areas of the page where you can create Includes:
    Header, Footer, Before page content, After page content, Before post content, After post content, Widget, Manual.

    Other useful options:

    * Priority number - determines display order of the includes placed in the same location.

    * Hide from admin - allows you to hide included code from logged in admin.

    * Align - allows you to set horizontal align of the included code. Useful for aligning Google AdSense blocks.

    Supported languages: English, Russian.

    Plugin Homepage: http://www.q2w3.ru/2009/12/06/824/
    Wordpress plugin page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/q2w3-inc-manager/
    Direct download: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/q2w3-inc-manager.zip

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