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[New Plugin] Portfolio Framework

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  1. Name: Portfolio Framework
    License: GPL2
    Product demo page: http://demo.madebyraygun.com/portfolio-framework
    Product info page: http://madebyraygun.com/wordpress/plugins/portfolio-framework
    Screenshot: http://madebyraygun.com/wordpress/plugins/portfolio-framework

    Portfolio Framework is plugin that makes it easy to add portfolio features to any theme. It generates a dynamic portfolio to display your content which loads additional content and sorts by category without refreshing the page. It adds a navigation, search, and featured images widgets and a flexible shortcode to output your images in a variety of formats. The demo can be viewed at http://demo.madebyraygun.com/portfolio-framework/ and a video introduction is available here: http://madebyraygun.com/wordpress/plugins/portfolio-framework/documentation/

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