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[New plugin: OSM-OpenStreetMap]

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  1. OSM is a plugin that focuses on OpenStreetmap and geo data in your wordpress blog. Simply by using the
    shortcode [osm_map] within your text you can add several maps within your post/page.

    Features are:
    * adding OpenStreetMap maps to your blog
    * visualize tracks, points in your map (kml-file, gpx-file)
    * visualize marks with info in your map (txt-file)
    * add geo meta data to your post/page
    * visualize a map showing all locations of your blog

    Why using an OpenStreetMap in my blog?
    * Because it's under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license
    * No API key is needed

    Info & Feedback & Tutorials:

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