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[New Plugin] List Pages at Depth

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  1. benhuson

    Adds a template function list_pages_at_depth() which builds on the wp_list_pages() function, allowing you to specify a start depth for your pages list.

    This means you can easily display secondary and tertiary navigation seperately from the primary navigation on your site.

    The list_pages_at_depth function accepts all the same arguments as wp_list_pages, but has an additional argument called 'startdepth'. Set this to be 0 to display primary navigation, 1 for secondary navigation etc.

    If you want to display secondary navigation with indented tertiary navigation you can use this in conjunction with the depth argument - simply set startdepth to 1 and depth to 2.

    See code example here...

    The plugin is fully GPL compatible and is available from the WordPress repository:

    The home page for the plugin is:

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