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[NEW PLUGIN] Friendly Admin Menu

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  1. webandpc

    Give WordPress Admin interface a complete transformation with Friendly Admin Menu. Use it alone or in addition to the default WordPress Admin Menu.

    Easy to use and a more logical menu layout using a tabbed interface with large icons. Uses built in JQuery library to keep it lightweight and fast loading, does not add any code to your themes.

    Perfect for clients or users that find WordPress Admin Menu confusing.


    • Tabbed Interface with Icons
    • Home tab which includes Page and Post related admin links.
    • Design tab includes Appearance, Widgets, Menu, and Media Gallery.
    • Profle | Users tab includes Profile and User Management.
    • Website Options includes all admin links found under Settings and Tools.
    • Respects WordPress capabilities and roles (shows menu items based on user capability.)
    • Ability to show or hide Default Admin Menu.
    • Includes 4 ThemeRoller themes for the tabs to choose from.


    Demo Page

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