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[New Plugin] Free Smart Slider

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  1. Demo site: http://smartslider.demo.wpcubes.com/
    Download link: http://wpcubes.com/lite-versions.html

    Have you ever dream about the perfect Slider extension for WordPress?

    We got a lot of requests to make a fancy and customizable slider. You said that the other sliders on the market for Wordpress are very limited in features and it would be good if we make an all-in-one solution for every slider types. After some planning and brainstorming we decided that we will make the best slider on the market.

    Posted: 2 years #
  2. Does your plugin have a specific product URL?

    We'd love to feature your plugin in our digest posts, but we think our readers deserve a bit more than a demo and a direct download link.

    Posted: 2 years #

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