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[New Plugin] Dynamic Forms Plugin

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  1. The Dynamic Forms Plugin enables to create custom web forms, easily add forms to blog posts or web pages, collect information from a database.

    Are you building your special website and find it too complex to create?

    Not anymore! We developed a plugin that can turn complex into simple!

    Our “Dynamic Forms Plugin” empowers you with the ability to create and manage web forms on your website in an easy and flexible way, removing the need to write complex HTML code.

    Creating forms with it is super easy, be it a complex form like inventory item updates, or simple ones like search or user contact details.

    The plugin supports many field types for your enjoyment, single line text input, text area, radio buttons and even drop-down lists.

    Form data is saved in the database, providing your visitors a way to insert any information you can imagine and easy tools to review the collected information.

    And if fits perfectly in your chosen website design.

    Use multiple types of fields in your forms

    Single-line text inputs

    Text areas

    radio buttons

    drop-down list

    Store the collected information in your database

    The forms fit perfectly with your website design

    Advanced search and filters to sift through the data

    Easy to use for even the most complex forms

    Set required fields and primary fields

    Easy to add your choice of fields

    Define and manage your own data

    Dynamic Forms Plugin is intuitive and very easy to use

    You can view our user guide at: Dynamic Forms Plugin - http://dynamicplugin.com/how-to-use/

    Download it:

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