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[New Plugin] dSero Anti AdBlock for AdSense

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  1. Up to 20% of every site visitors use ad block extensions to avoid seeing any type of ads and particularly Google Adsense.

    Without ad views could you provide high quality content and service for free?

    We developed the dSero AdBooster that get into action when an end user uses AdBlock.

    The dSero Anti AdBlock WordPress Plugin provides analytics regarding the numbers of AdBlock users at your site.
    If you submit your email, we can also recover ads at the blank placements created by the AdBlock. That way we will be able to reward you for the high quality service and content that you provide.

    We will be glad to have your feedback regarding the service and how we can make it even better.

    Plugin page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dsero-anti-adblock-for-google-adsense/
    dSero Support: support at dsero dot com
    Video: Available from our website: http://dsero.com

    Why do we that?
    Without ads, the Internet will not be free anymore. We are committed to keep it free.

    Will it affect my current AdSense revenues?
    No. We serve ads only to AdBlock users that block AdSense ads.

    The plugin is completely free and takes approximately 60 seconds to install. We look for your feedback.

    Download it now from the plugin page

    dSero Team

    Posted: 2 years #

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