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[New Plugin] Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya

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  1. Engageya's Cross Promotion Content Recommendations plugin allows you to promote your posts to targeted readers on other related websites through our unique "Readers Exchange Eco-System".

    In more details;


    • Shows your related posts at the end of an article
    • Shows your posts on other relevant websites
    • Many layout designs
    • Monitor your incoming and outgoing targeted traffic on http://www.engageya.com


    • Drive new targeted traffic to your site
    • Increase your readers page-views
    • Lower your bounce rate
    • Expose your readers to new relevant content
    • Great 'related content' layouts to add style to your site

    The plugin is free to use, available to download at;


    And for the full set of layouts customization and tracking tools, please head to (free as well);


    Thank you

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