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[New Plugin]: cbnet MBP Auto-Activate

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  1. MaxBlogPress plugins require a two-step registration/activation process, as well as a forced opt-in to an email-list subscription, in order to use them. This plugin circumvents those requirements, enabling unrestricted use of the plugins.

    This plugin currently supports the following MaxBlogPress plugins:

    • Different Posts Per Page
    • DealDotCom Widget
    • Unblockable Popup
    • Ping Optimizer
    • Stripe Ad
    • Psychic Search
    • Favicon
    • SEO Post Link
    • Banner Ads
    • Duplicate Post Checker
    • Multi Author Comment Notification
    • Optin Form Adder


    Posted: 4 years #
  2. I have updated cbnet MBP Auto-Activate. Found about 16 more plugins in wp.org Extend, by author "MaxBlogPress Revived" - so I added them to the supported list. They all will also now be auto-activated.

    (Note: plugins by "MaxBlogPress Revived" have now also been removed from the repo, as the original MaxBlogPress plugins were removed a couple weeks ago.)

    Posted: 4 years #

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