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[New Plugin] Barc Chat

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  1. Barc Chat, a new Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily add real-time commenting to your site! This simple tool combines social networking, instant messaging and custom support elegantly. Like other popular commenting services Barc features logging in through Social media and creating custom avatars. But Barc also comes packed with other features like built-in language translation, so anyone asking questions or commenting in other languages can easily be translated. Users can even creating private rooms with others. Barc is a free plugin, and contains absolutely no ads.

    You can use Barc’s intuitive customizer in the plugin settings to change many of the features and choose how it looks and behaves. To get Barc setup takes less than a minute - simply download the Barc plugin and activate it. Everything is managed in a cloud, so there is no special configurations required and no affect on Website performance. Barc’s patent-pending technologies make it extremely fast, simple to install and a compelling social solution for any Web site.

    Not only does Barc benefit your users, it also benefits the website. Users who comment through Barc typically remain there up to four times as long as the average visitor. Barc is not only a great way to interact with your visitors but also an excellent way to promote your site and improve visitation. Visit Barc.com or the Wordpress plugin store to get started!

    Product Info Page (with download link):


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