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[NEW Plugin] ArcadePress! GPL Arcade Plugin

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    ArcadePress is an open source arcade plugin for Wordpress that allows you to turn any Wordpress site into a full arcade site, including flash game uploads, categories, and more.

    We think Wordpress has one of the richest sets of themes and plugins, allowing webmasters to accomplish literally anything they can dream of. To that end, we have started work on ArcadePress, a plugin which extends Wordpress so that you can literally setup a full flash arcade website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Combining the powers of a modern PHP arcade script with extreme versatility of the Wordpress platform and it’s massive developer base.

    Here’s what we have done in version 0.6.0:

    • Add games from the admin panel
    • Edit games from the admin panel
    • Basic set of options including alternate content, game display options, etc.
    • Shortcode for adding a specific game: [arcadepress display="game" primkey="15"]
    • Shortcode for recent games: [arcadepress display="recentgames"]
    • Shortcode for recent games with specific number of games to pull: [arcadepress display="recentgames" quantity="25"]
    • Shortcode for top played games with specific number of games to pull: [arcadepress display="topgames" quantity="10"]
    • Very basic admin dashboard widget
    • Recent games sidebar widget
    • Top games sidebar widget
    • Each time a game plays it is counted

    Please report any bugs here in the:
    ArcadePress forums

    ArcadePress is licensed under the terms of the GPL 2 open source license.

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