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[New Plugin] Advanced Blog Metrics

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  1. Name: Advanced Blog Metrics
    License: GPLv2
    Developer: http://www.atalanta.fr
    Product: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/advanced-blog-metrics
    WordPress version: up to 3.5

    Every member of our team blogs on his side. We were all frustrated by the lack of advanced metrics' plugins dedicated to bloggers (which don't provide the same data than Google Analytics).

    We are working on a plugin (Advanced Blog Metrics) which offers relevant and useful metrics for a blogger who wants to maximize his blog's performance.


    • Total number of posts on your blog
    • Average number of posts per day
    • Average number of words per post
    • Total number of comments on your blog
    • Average number of comments per day
    • Average number of comments per post
    • Average number of words per comment
    • 5 authors who comment the most
    • 5 posts which generate the most comments
    • When do your posts generate the most comments?

    We've already planned to work on the following:

    • When do you post the most? (to compare with the time the posts are the most commented => Do you post at the right time?)
    • What are the most shared posts?

    We are obviously fond of your suggestions (that's why I post this topic). Don't hesitate to suggest a feature if you think it is helpful for bloggers!

    We need your feedback! :)

    Posted: 1 year #

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