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New Gorilla Themes Store opened!

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  1. The new Gorilla THemes Store just Opened!!!

    Dare to explore: http://gorillathemes.com

    We put Gorilla Themes together to be different. There are a lot of beautiful and great themes for WordPress out there, but most of them do not go the extra mile to make managing a site easier for you. This is how we differentiate ourselves, from the jungled masses.

    How are our themes easier to use?

    * We create our own plugins when needed
    * We avoid “custom fields” as a means of managing a website. If you don’t know what custom fields are, then you surely don’t want to have to use them. And if you do know what they are, then you will love that our themes do not require you to work with them.
    * We take the extra time when programming our themes to save you hours of time managing your site.

    Some of our theme features:

    No Custom Fields - They are confusing!
    Professional design
    Custom Plugins
    Auto-Image Resizing (with thumbnails)
    2.7 Compatible with threaded comments
    Banner Ad Management
    Extensive Theme Options
    Affordably priced
    Email & Forum Support
    Customizations Available
    Ask for Custom Installations

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