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[New Free Theme] Ipsum.ak

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to this forum and have a new free theme called Ipsum.ak developed by the aukyo team and released on JungleJar.com.

    This theme features a sleek design and as a bonus we have also included the psd files for all the images used in the template.

    Features of this free Wordpress Template:

    1. XHTML 1.0 Strict and has successfully performed a formal validation via the W3C’s Validation Service which can be found at http://validator.w3.org/.

    2. This Wordpress Template has successfully performed a formal validation check for CSS Level 2.1 which can be found at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/.

    3. Template takes full advantage of new template tags available in the newest version of Wordpress.

    4. Nicely styled comments system.

    5. Page links are automatically added to the navigation bar in the header to make your life a bit easier. Just create the page, and it will be visible to your visitors instantly.

    6. Gravatar supported comments.

    7. Nicely integrated for Twitter users and the template displays your last 5 tweets in the right sidebar without the use of any plugins.

    8. Cross web browser compatible.

    9. Associated Photoshop .PSD files included.

    This theme is release under the GPL.

    Theme Page: http://www.junglejar.com/2010/01/16/new-free-wordpress-template-ipsum-ak/
    Demo Link: http://www.junglejar.com/templates/demos/ipsumak/
    Download Link: http://www.junglejar.com/templates/ipsumak.zip

    Cheers, hope you enjoy it!

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. Typeface is kind of small but that's just a matter of personal preference. This is a very cool looking theme. It's not often I see a theme validate XHTML 1.0 Strict. The inclusion of the PSDs is a nice touch.

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. Nice theme, beautiful...

    Posted: 4 years #
  4. Very nice looking theme!

    Posted: 4 years #

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