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[New Free Plugin] Page Expiration Robot (Double Your Sales!)

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  1. imwizard

    Page Expiration Robot is a free plugin that creates a REAL sense of urgency by turning your WP pages (or posts) into timed offers on visitor-by-visitor basis and allows you to double your sales with your existing traffic -- even overnight -- in JUST 3 CLICKS!

    Here are just few of the amazing features:

    - Turn WP pages (or posts) into one-time offers
    - Schedule expiration after certain amount of time
    - Redirect expired visitors to a different URL/offer
    - Create perpetual expirations for automation
    - Set visitors to expire either by IP or Cookie
    - Set fixed-time expiration for all visitors
    - Plugin works with both WP Pages and Blog Posts.

    You can download it at:

    It already approved by WordPress' Official Plugins Directory and can be also found here:

    Posted: 2 years #

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