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New data-safe social plugin that doesn't slow down your pages

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  1. Engage users, grow traffic, and protect privacy with safe social sharing. Free, simple, data-safe tools to help improve revenue and measure success.

    Includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ options that may be configured to display on your posts, pages, or both. You may choose from horizontal, vertical, big button, or single button options.

    The good news doesn't stop here. We've included several other apps to compliment the social widget and help you grow traffic and revenue while protecting your site data and maintaining fast page load times. We know how difficult it can be to setup and maintain a website, and Krux Apps is here to simplify your life. The social features are available within the WordPress admin tool, and additional apps are accessible via the Krux Apps platform. If you've setup the social widget, then the additional tools are already setup and ready for you to use. http://dataconsole.kruxdigital.com/krux_apps

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