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  1. A very cool and elegant layout for wordpress blogs on personal favorites. This is fixed width, 2 column.


    Posted: 6 years #
  2. xmodulo

    Are you claiming this theme as yours, and yet the design is a pure carbon copy of Arcsin's theme:

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. xmodulo

    From Arcsin's website:
    "These templates are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License » Learn more

    This means that you are free to use and modify them for any purpose, but you must include the provided link back to this website."

    You are not acknowledging the original author's design in the theme.

    Posted: 6 years #
  4. oh i think i haven't checked the before coding it for wordpress from XHTML/CSS. I am sorry for this mate.Thanks for telling this i will surely check this from next time onwards!!

    Posted: 6 years #
  5. theoracle

    Actually almost all of the themes on that site are copies without the authors links kept in place.What about this one and most that are on his site.
    The free WordPress themes on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, which permits both personal and commercial use. My only terms (for you to satisfy the 'attribution' clause of the license) is that you keep the footer links intact. For more specific details about the license, click on the button below.

    Posted: 6 years #
  6. i have kept the footer link for freeCSStemplates intact in my theme

    Posted: 6 years #
  7. All themes on your site are stolen, you just downloaded them from the designers sites and replaced their designed by link with your link.

    now that you are caught, you placed the designed by link back.

    you even replaced powered by wordpress to powered bt themesdemo

    Posted: 6 years #
  8. hehe... shame on you. You want to reap where you didn't sow. That's called stealing! :)

    Posted: 6 years #
  9. theoracle

    chouxpastry2002, I see the footer link in the download on this theme but not in the demo page. I did not think it was there before?
    You may want to add it to the demo page as well.

    Posted: 6 years #

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